How to Recover Gmail Password

If you need to recover your Gmail password hassle-free and as soon as possible then you’ve come to the right place!

Recovering your Gmail password is as easy as 1-2-3 when you follow the Gmail password recovery steps listed on this page.

I will reveal the secrets on how to recover your Gmail password and how to make sure you’re never stuck without it again.


Visit the Gmail password recovery page and enter your username.

If you have a second e-mail address linked to your Gmail account, they will reset your password and send your new password to your other e-mail account.


It is crucial to link other e-mail accounts to your Gmail and use them to restore your password if you forget it or lose it.

The best thing to do is to keep a document of all your online passwords on an external drive somewhere in your house.

That way, if you get a virus, nobody can steal that document, but you can always view it on your computer if you can’t remember what your password is.


If you can’t receive the password reset information on your other e-mail account, there could be a number of reasons.

Your e-mail account could be rejecting the letter as spam and deleting it, so make sure to check the spam folder in your e-mail.

You may not have waited long enough – try going back into your e-mail and clicking refresh after a minute or two, and it just may appear.

You may have to add Gmail account recovery to your contact list in your e-mail in order to receive their message.

You can find the information needed to add that account at the Google support website.


If none of the above worked you are really in a tough situation but there is still a way to get your account back.

What you must do now is wait 24 hours without trying to log in and then go onto the Gmail website again.

Type your username and enter the captcha code on the screen, you will be asked your security question.

If you don’t know the answer, then you will have to contact Google and provide as much information as possible to them so that they can investigate why you are locked out of your account.


When you contact Google, make sure you have tons of knowledge including previous passwords, frequent contacts, and the contents of your e-mail account.

Any relevant information you can give them convinces them that the account is yours.

If the account is really yours it should be easy to convince them over the phone by quoting e-mails in your account, knowing how many unread e-mails you have or knowing previous passwords.


Try backing up documents online using an application like dropbox or google documents. These are great online services that can help you store any major projects you are working on.

I guarantee you that you won’t lose your gmail password at a time you feel is somehow totally convenient, so make sure you have access to everything you need without using your gmail account.

Keeping all your files in one place means they can all be lost at once and that’s a recipe for disaster.

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At this point they will ask what you want your new password to be and you can reset it over the phone.

Congratulations on recovering your lost Gmail password! Remember to check out Password Re-setter so if you lose your Windows Password you can easily recover it!

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