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Hi, my name is Milan and I’m a long-time computer enthusiast/techie with an interest in computer security.

I’ve set up this website to give you tips and advice about password protection, management and recovery.

Have searched for lots of password management and storage tools myself, I know that it can be hard finding a reliable way to avoid losing your password.

Not only is it hard to find good methods but some websites sell software that helps you for huge prices. This website will help you get quality password resetter software so you can secure your login right away.


This website contains many instructional articles on how to keep your passwords safe. The three main categories are:

1. Email password Recovery
2. Windows password Recovery
3.Recommended Product

The # 1 section about email recovery is where I give tips on how to keep secret or recover your email password. It includes mail clients like:

The # 2 section about window password recovery like:

The # 3 section about recommended product review:

Each of these pages gives specific tips on what you can do to manage your passwords so you don’t lose your account and don’t get hacked.

Over time, I’ll be adding more articles and advice on how to get back your login information for other services too.

The other section about windows password recovery contains my reviews of password resetting software.

My favourite password resetting software which I highly recommend to everyone can be found at

I plan to add more useful reviews about other password resetters in the next couple of months but right now this is by far my favorite.

 What Next?

Most people who visit my site are looking for a way to reset their windows password.

If this applies to you then I highly recommend you check out password resetter.

Password resetter is the number one downloaded password protection and reset software online. It has saved me more than once when I couldn’t get into windows and is a neat little program to have.


Apart from that, I hope you will browse around my website and bookmark it for a future visit.

Thanks for visiting,


5 Responses to “Password Reset”

  1. Bryan says:

    This is not a bad website to have it bookmarked. My facebook account has recently been hacked and I’ve finally realized how important it is to make your password difficult to guess and also to use different ones on separate accounts. You just never think that something like that will happen to you and when it does you start regretting why you were so lazy. Lesson learned and better late than never you know.

  2. Sam says:

    I followed the advice of many experts on the web and I tried using all different passwords for all different accounts and the end result was the headache of trying to remember a dozen passwords. Your computer can be hacked, so there’s no point in trying to store your password on a word doc. At the end of the day it means you have to write down your passwords on a piece of paper and that’s just so lame. I think I’ll either need to get a password storing software or just go back to using one password for everything.

  3. DeskWarrior says:

    Passwords are a pain in the ass man! Thanks to those loser hackers, law abiding people like me have to keep a dozen different passwords just to feel half decent safe. The downside of having so many passwords is memorizing them all and keeping them safe, because quite frankly it doesn’t feel safe no matter how I store them. Forgetting an important password happen at least couple of times a year and it’s a real pain in the ass man.

  4. Doug12 says:

    You make the passwords easy to remember and it is security risk. On the other hand you make them hard to remember and you risk forgetting your password. You can write them down on a note or a diary, but who’s to say you’ll remember where you put the note or the diary a few months to years down the road? At the end of the day there has to be a better solution to password storing or password recovery. In short, I hate passwords.

  5. michael says:

    Great site Milan, I forgot my password a year or two ago the day before a huge presentation and I ended up staying up all night on the phone with the IT department of our company trying to rescue it. I just want to remind everyone of the absolute misery and regret you feel when something like this happens and you have no contingency plan and no way to fix it. You will think that you should have backed up your files. You will wonder why you didn’t write down your password anywhere or save it somewhere safe, but you probably won’t do these things until it’s already happened once.

    Instead of thinking it won’t happen to you, just take a few minutes right now and follow the password management advice on this site. It will save you plenty of time and grief in the future, trust me.

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